San Luis

Located in the centre of Argentina, San Luis province is considered the gateway to the New Cuyo, a region defined by its sparse, expansive terrain. It is home to the Sierra de las Quijadas National Park, whose dramatic red cliffs overlook arid valleys coated with sagebrush. The province’s topography is so dramatic that it frequently serves as a backdrop for Western movies.

Agribusiness dominates San Luis’ economy, particularly in grain production and cattle raising. With ample sunshine and wind, the province has been earmarked for investment in renewable energy production.


  • Population: 495,000
  • Area: 76.748 km²
  • Capital: San Luis
  • Top export: Corn

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Main Attractions

San Luis’ arid climate makes for the best stargazing in Argentina.

The Sierra de las Quijadas National Park combines semi-arid plains and dusty cliff-edged plateaus. Beyond its natural beauty, however, the park is a veritable playground for paleontologists – hundreds of dinosaur bones and fossils have been discovered there.

A trip through the unique microclimate of the Sierra de Comechingones corridor takes visitors to areas inhabited for centuries by some of Argentina’s oldest indigenous cultures. Off the beaten track, cave paintings line the ancient caves that lie beyond the valleys.

Mountains iin San Luis