Santa Fe

Located in the centre of the country and with a diverse, export-oriented economy, Santa Fe is a fine example of Argentina’s economic potential. The province’s largest city of Rosario is the country’s third-largest and hosted key business-oriented G20 meetings.

Rosario is the hub for the surrounding region’s agricultural sector, with important links to export markets via its port, currently under redevelopment.

Recently, Santa Fe has seen some of the best growth of Argentina’s regional economies and currently accounts for 24% of exports. With several cities in the province developing as a confluence for commerce, Santa Fe is also developing its human capital.


  • Population: 3.4 million
  • Area: 133,007 km²
  • Capital: Santa Fe
  • Top export: Four & soy pellets

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About Rosario

Main Attractions

As the third-largest city in Argentina, Rosario has a vibrant nightlife around the waterfront cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs dotted along the Paraná riverfront.

The dairy route is a new area to explore and leads the province’s agro-tourism development. Visitors can see how the province produces some of the country’s best-known quality dairy products, such as dulce de leche and its many cheeses and yoghurts.

The cuisine in Santa Fe is famously influenced by its Spanish and Italian heritage, but it uses local produce at its disposal, especially fish. Surubí and sábalo are two local fish worth trying, typically grilled in the restaurants which line the Paraná riverbank.

View of Rosario city from the river