In the current global context of population growth and changing consumer demand, it is imperative to produce more healthy foods in a sustainable way. For this reason, the central theme of the agriculture work stream will be healthy and sustainable soil management: a strategic resource for sustainable agriculture and food production.

In 2018, Argentina hosted two meetings of Agriculture Deputies, on 12–14 March and 26–27 July, and a Meeting of Agriculture Ministers on 27–28 July.


Land is a limited and non-renewable resource, requiring responsible attention by governments. Smart land management helps to combat and mitigate the effects of climate change, and can reduce emissions. Healthy, fertile and productive soil is vital to food security and general well-being, and its preservation and care are paramount to any society's sustainable development.


Agriculture was first addressed in the G20 under the French presidency in 2011. As a key priority for the Argentine presidency, sustainable food management practices will be treated at the Meeting of Agriculture Ministers with the objective of issuing a joint declaration recognizing the collective challenges and responsibilities of feeding the world as healthily and nutritionally as possible, and with agricultural systems that are modern, competitive and sustainable.


The G20 must implement the agricultural monitoring initiatives proposed during the French G20 presidency in 2011. Under the German presidency, a basic framework was approved. Under the Argentine presidency, it is hoped that a final consensus will be reached.

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