Created at the G20 Hamburg Summit in 2017, the Business Women Leaders Task Force (BWLTF) brings together business women from G20 member countries to promote the economic empowerment of women from all countries and sectors in society. In close collaboration with the engagement groups Women 20 (W20) and Business 20 (B20), the task force will make recommendations for the G20 sherpas ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Buenos Aires.

The BWLT began its official activities on 11 July at a meeting in the Argentine embassy in London. The group met in Buenos Aires on 3 October and will meet a third time on 26 November.

Economic empowerment of women

At their 2017 Summit in Hamburg, G20 leaders agreed upon the creation of a Business Women Leaders Task Force in their communiqué. Its main objectives are as follows:

  • Bring together business women from G20 countries.
  • Examine ways to increase women’s participation in the economy.
  • Make recommendations for next year's summit on the implementation of G20 commitments regarding the economic empowerment of women.