Climate Sustainability

Chaired by the Argentine Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Climate Sustainability Working Group (CSWG) was created under the Argentine G20 presidency to address the following issues:

  • Adaptation to climate change and extreme weather events, with a focus on developing resilient infrastructure and job creation.
  • Promotion of long-term strategies to reduce GHG emissions, with a focus on the design of criteria and methodologies.
  • Aligning international climate financing flows for an effective implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and long-term strategies to reduce GHG emissions.

Climate change was first addressed in the G20 in 2008, as part of the G20 presidency’s communiqués. In 2017, under the German presidency, climate change was discussed by the Sustainability Working Group (made up of a subgroup from the Energy working stream and a subgroup from the Climate working stream).

The Climate Sustainability Working Group met twice in 2018. The first meeting took place in Buenos Aires (on 17 and 18 April), while the second meeting was held in Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina (on 28 and 29 August).

A workshop on climate change took place on the day before the first meeting to discuss the three main working areas. Among the workshop’s participants were members from G20 engagement groups and officials from G20 countries. Also, building upon the work done under the German presidency, the “G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue” was held on the day before the second meeting to share knowledge and discuss options to promote a more efficient use of resources, as well as sustainable consumption and production patterns. The dialogue session was attended by officials from G20 members, engagement groups, international organizations and third parties.

Moreover, the following deliverables were adopted by this group:

The group's chair submitted a summary on the group’s work for consideration by the Japanese presidency in 2019:

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