Trade and Investment

International trade and investment are important engines of growth, productivity, innovation, job creation and development. In this context, the Argentine presidency decided to continue the work of the G20 Trade and Investment Working Group (TIWG), with the aim to continue strengthening the G20 cooperation in trade and investment.

The TIWG held two meetings in 2018, on 7–8 May in Buenos Aires and 12–13 September 2018 in Mar del Plata, followed by a Trade and Investment Ministerial Meeting that took place on Friday 14 September in that same city.

The Argentine presidency proposed to continue discussions for an inclusive trading system that contributes to fair and sustainable development, so as to allow the benefits of trade and investment to be shared by all, and for our people to address the challenges and opportunities of globalization and technological advancements, and innovation.

The presidency suggested focusing on the following three new thematic areas from the trade and investment side:

- Agro-food global value chains (GVCs);

- The new industrial revolution (NIR);

- G20 dialogue on current international trade developments.

The Ministerial Declaration agreed in Mar del Plata shows the commitment of G20 members to work together to boost growth, keep markets open, address development and reinvigorate the international trading system. It also recognizes the urgent need to consider alternatives to improve the WTO, providing it with the tools to face current and future challenges.

The G20 ministers highlighted the relevance of the other issues proposed by the Argentine presidency (agro-food GVCs and the NIR) to achieve a sustainable food future and an inclusive future of work. In this endeavor, they placed special attention to the particular situation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), developing countries and women.

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