Argentina's priorities for the G20 2018 agenda

The proposed agenda focuses on three themes: the future of work and what this means for education, infrastructure for development, and a sustainable food future.

At the launch of the Argentine Presidency of the G20, President Mauricio Macri presented the three issues earmarked as key priorities for the G20 meetings over the course of the year: the future of work, infrastructure for development, and a sustainable food future.

The future of work looks into “unleashing human potential”, stated President Macri. “Technology is quickening productivity at an unprecedented rate, which presents both opportunities and challenges. We want to ensure that adopting technological advances does not lead to economic exclusion or other negative side effects,” he explained.

“We must ensure that any new wave of technological advances is as inclusive as possible, and this requires considerable investment in training so that citizens have the skills they need for work and life. We need to forge the opportunities and skills which prepare our people for this transformation, starting now.” he added.

The second priority chosen by Argentina is infrastructure for development. “Investment in infrastructure spurs growth and productivity. It also generates better physical and digital access that allows us to take advantage of future opportunities,” specified President Macri.

One of the proposals under this priority will be greater participation of the private sector. “We will seek to develop infrastructure as an asset to channel today’s savings into transport, sanitation, energy and connectivity,” he outlined.

The third priority is to build a sustainable food future. “Agricultural lands are the natural resource that produces most of our food, but they are limited and non-renewable. Their preservation is crucial. This is where the G20 can lay the groundwork for more public-private partnership,” said the President.

In addition to these priorities, the President affirmed that the Argentine G20 presidency will continue the legacy of previous presidencies. “We will boost the work already carried out on issues such as gender equality, the fight against corruption, strengthening financial oversight, and caring for the environment, among others,” he explained.

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