Argentine G20 presidency gets a boost from foreign leaders

During the official launch hosted by President Mauricio Macri, the leaders of China, Germany, and Japan extended messages of support.

During the official launch ceremony in Buenos Aires, an official letter from President Xi Jinping of China was read to the audience, and official video addresses were displayed from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. The leaders sent their best wishes for Argentina in this the country’s first presidency of the G20. China held the G20 presidency in 2016, Germany now concludes its tenure of the 2017 presidency, and Japan will succeed Argentina with the 2019 presidency.

In her official video broadcast at the event just before President Mauricio Macri’s speech, Angela Merkel emphasized the importance of working together to resolve the world’s most important challenges, and stated that Germany was ready to contribute to a successful Argentine presidency of the group. “We take on this commitment together to achieve our common goals. I wish the Argentine G20 the greatest success!” declared Chancellor Merkel.

“G20 countries make up four-fifths of the world’s economic output, and their decisions have a lasting impact of the future of the world economy and everyone’s wellbeing. This is why cooperation at the G20 is so important,” she added.

Chinese President Xi, who presided over the G20 in 2016, had written a letter which was read at the ceremony. Xi underscored the G20’s importance for fair and sustainable growth of the world economy and emphasized that China would actively support the Argentine G20 presidency.

“I am convinced, without a doubt, that under Argentina’s leadership there will be a continuity of the achievements of previous successful summits, including Hangzhou and Hamburg,” he declared.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe referred to the forum in its global context: “I have the sincere desire and conviction that the G20 will continue to contribute to the growth and stability of the world economy, and continue to address diverse global challenges,” he expressed via his video address.

“I sincerely wish for the success of this summit in your country. To achieve this, we commit our unyielding efforts to cooperate with Argentina,” he added.