Argentine President Macri: We are promoting consensus and dialogue at the G20

President Mauricio Macri of Argentina took part in the closing of today’s First G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Buenos Aires.

In a concise and direct speech today, President Mauricio Macri of Argentina thanked the finance ministers, central bank governors, and international organization leaders attending the G20 in Buenos Aires, calling on them to demonstrate that “the G20 is an efficient mechanism to address the global challenges of the 21st century.”

At the close of the First G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, taking place at the Buenos Aires Exhibition & Convention Centre (CEC), the President underlined the importance of such an event. “Presiding over the G20 is one of the greatest challenges in our history. We have taken it on with pride and humility. We do it as honest brokers, promoting consensus and dialogue,” he said.

Highlighting the presidency's focus on issues affecting Latin America, he added, “we are bringing a perspective from the global south to the G20 presidency, not only from Argentina but from the entire region. This is a region of peace, a region in development, and a region that has much to offer in terms of energy security as well as food security. This is why it is necessary for the G20 to put the needs of people first, with a focus on equality and sustainability,” he concluded.

About the G20

The G20 started out in 1999 as a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors. In 2008, amidst the global financial crisis, it evolved into what it is today: a major forum that seeks to develop global policies to address the world’s most pressing issues. The G20 summits are attended by the heads of state and government of 19 of the world’s leading economies and the EU. Together, the G20 members represent 85% of global GDP, two-thirds of the world’s population, and 75% of international trade.