The B20 brings together business leaders, ministers and governors in Neuquén

Discussions took place on regional economies, employment, infrastructure and energy. Argentina’s Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, Marcos Peña, participated in the opening session.

This afternoon, Argentine business leaders, ministers and governors attended the fifth edition of the B20 Business Leaders Forum in the province of Neuquén, in northern Patagonia. The Business 20 (also known as B20) is the G20 engagement group representing the international business community. Regional economies, employment, infrastructure and energy were some of the topics on the agenda.

“The G20 gives Argentina the opportunity to offer our vision, our perspectives and take a leading role within the international community. The core message of our presidency has to do with building consensus towards fair and sustainable development,” said Argentina’s Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, Marcos Peña, in his opening remarks in Neuquén, the province’s capital and location of the meeting.

“This vision is about coordinating actions, supporting multilateralism and finding positive perspectives on globalization; it’s about not shutting our borders off, precisely because we are living proof of the negative implications of being closed to the world,” he added.

“We have organized the Business Leaders Forum with the aim of taking our debates to the rest of the country and listening to the perspectives of those representing SMEs and regional economies,” said Daniel Funes de Rioja, B20 chair.

“By working as a team, with medium and long-term goals, we can achieve sustainable socio-economic development and job growth,” said Omar Gutiérrez, Governor of the province of Neuquén.  Alberto Weretilneck, Governor of the province of Río Negro, added: “It is important to understand the roles and perspectives of all stakeholders in our regional economies.”

Among the meeting’s participants were Argentine Production Minister, Dante Sica, and Argentine Energy Minister, Javier Iguacel, as well as some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs: Martín Zarich, CFO of BBVA Francés; Miguel Gutiérrez, CEO of YPF; and Carlos Ormachea, CEO of Tecpetrol.

Towards the end of the day’s agenda, Funes de Rioja, together with the leaders of various business associations, spoke at a panel entitled “The B20 in the G20 context.” Local business representatives then made the meeting’s closing remarks.

This event is part of the B20’s programme that takes to it different parts of the country, allowing local actors from regional economies to have a voice and help the group prepare recommendations that will be sent to the G20 leaders.

The last Business Leaders Forum will be held in the province of Buenos Aires on 23 August, while the B20 Summit will take place in the city of Buenos Aires on 4 and 5 October.

About the B20

Created in 2010 under the Canadian G20 presidency, the B20 is made up of business associations and leads engagement with G20 governments on behalf of the international business community.

During the Argentine presidency of the G20, it is chaired by Daniel Funes de Rioja and the Group of Six, comprised by the Industrial Chamber of Argentina (UIA); the Argentine Rural Society (SRA); the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CACS); the Argentine Chamber of Construction; the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange; and the Argentine Bankers Association (ADEBA).