B20 convenes world business leaders in Davos

The Business 20, a G20-associated civil society group which brings together the international business community, presented its 2018 work plan at the World Economic Forum.

The B20, a G20 engagement group that represents the private sector, presented its work plan today at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

In the context of the Argentine presidency of the G20, B20 chair Daniel Funes de Rioja led a panel discussion that looked at many of the challenges and opportunities facing the group.

Argentine Treasury Minister Nicolás Dujovne attended the event, alongside business leaders, at Casa Argentina, the headquarters of the Argentine government in Davos.

“The B20 is a great opportunity to strengthen the business community’s conviction to face the challenges of global governance and achieve fair trade, inclusive growth and sustainable development for all.” said Mr. Funes de Rioja. “We are strongly committed to developing solid and realistic policy recommendations that will be taken up and implemented by the G20," he added.

Other business leaders present at the event included Eduardo Elsztain (Grupo IRSA/Banco Hipotecario), Marcelo Mindlin (Pampa Energía), Flavia Alves (Facebook), and Víctor Dosoretz (Argentine Chamber of Commerce & Services, and International Chamber of Commerce Argentina), who are part of the B20 task forces. These groups will work on the following eight areas: employment and education, digital economy and Industry 4.0, growth and infrastructure financing, trade and investment, sustainable energy, a sustainable food system, SME development, and integrity and fulfilment of norms.

The B20 announced that during the Argentine presidency, the group will continue working on issues that are historically relevant to the business community, but will also focus on new challenges such as the future of work in the age of the new industrial revolution, and feeding the growing world population.