The C20 presents its recommendations to President Mauricio Macri

The engagement group representing non-governmental organizations is holding its summit in Buenos Aires. Argentine President Mauricio Macri attended the opening session.

The Summit of the Civil 20 (C20), the G20 engagement group representing civil society organizations, started in Buenos Aires this morning. Argentine President Mauricio Macri attended the opening, where he received a document with recommended policies.

“Civil society plays a key role in dialogue and consensus-building processes,” said Macri at the San Martín Palace, where the two-day event is being held. “We believe that there are no spectators. We all must be protagonists and take part in the discussions held by civil society, and not neglect it. Global solutions require commitment and actions not only from governments, but also from all players in society.”

President Macri said the recommendations submitted by the group “represent a constructive contribution ahead of the Leaders’ Summit,” which will take place in Buenos Aires on 30 November and 1 December. He congratulated C20 representatives for having signed an anti-corruption declaration and for the work they’ve done regarding gender issues.

"We want to continue showing our commitment to international cooperation, multilateralism and global governance. This certainly is the time to prove it,” added Macri. “I encourage you all to continue making efforts and contributing talent to face the challenges posed by the twenty-first century,” he concluded.

The 42-page document is the result of a process of several months of work that involved over 600 NGOs from more than 40 countries. Based on the discussions held and the progress made by the G20 and the C20 in previous years, it includes proposals on anti-corruption, climate, education, employment, the environment, energy, gender, implementation of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, inequality, investment, sustainable development, and technology and digitalization.

“World leaders need to urgently come together to find sustainable, concrete and shared solutions to today’s problems,” reads the document. “We know that these are not easy times for multilateralism, but there is no other option: shared problems need shared solutions.”


About the C20

Civil society must play a key role to ensure that the benefits of economic growth reach all sectors of society, particularly those with fewer economic resources. The C20, made up of civil society organizations, leads engagement with the G20 on behalf of the international civil society.

Although many civil society organizations have been directly involved with the G20 since the first heads of State and Government met in 2008, the C20 was formally established as a direct representation of civil society under the Russian presidency of the group in 2013.

During the Argentine G20 presidency, the C20 is chaired by the Poder Ciudadano Foundation and the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI).