Day Two of the First Sherpa Meeting

In Bariloche, representatives from 24 countries and 13 international organizations continue talks on key issues for development.

The official representatives to the G20, known as sherpas, began the second day of their three-day meeting at the Llao Llao Hotel in Bariloche, in the Patagonian province of Río Negro.

Last night, Río Negro governor Alberto Weretilneck welcomed the representatives of the 24 countries and 13 international organizations participating at the meeting.

Issues for discussion under the scope of the Sherpa Track include agriculture, anti-corruption, climate sustainability, development, the digital economy, education, employment, energy transitions, health, trade and investment.

Present at the meeting are the following G20 members: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union (EU), France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom; invited countries: Chile, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore (representing the Association for Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN]), and Jamaica (representing the Caribbean Community [CARICOM]); and invited international organizations: Financial Stability Board (FSB), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), International Labour Organization (ILO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD), World Health Organization (WHO), World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nations (UN), and World Bank.