Digital government and inclusion on the agenda of the Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting in Salta

The meeting, which started last night with an official dinner, continues today with working sessions at the Salta Convention Centre.

With an agenda focused on digital transformations, over 30 heads of delegation are taking part in the G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting in Salta, in the north-west of Argentina. Chaired by Andrés Ibarra, Argentine Minister of Modernization, and Lino Barañao, Argentine Minister of Science, Technology and Innovative Production, the meeting started last night with an official dinner at Salta’s Fine Arts Museum, and continues today with working sessions at the Salta Convention Centre.

“I want to thank every country for this year of work, for your support, guidance and exchange in order to strengthen collaboration to make sure that the Digital Economy brings benefits to all of us,” said Minister Ibarra in his opening remarks this morning, with 30 heads of delegation in attendance, including ministers and senior officials from G20 member and guest countries, as well as representatives from international organizations. “This is our responsability,” he concluded.

Minister Baraño added that “the digital economy is essential to bring about the benefits of international development in order to provide for a more equal distribution of wealth.”

Participants will discuss digital government, digital inclusion, measuring the digital economy and technological infrastructure development. They will also look into the digitalization of SMEs and entrepreneurship, consumer protection in digital environments and the adoption of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of things in sectors like manufacturing and agriculture.

At 4.15 pm local time, once the closed-door sessions have finished, the Argentine G20 presidency will give a press conference to brief on the meeting’s highlights. Senior officials will also issue a joint declaration on the digital economy that will help make up the recommendations submitted at the Leaders’ Summit.


Ponchos, traditional food and malambo

Last night, the participants attended a welcome dinner at Salta’s Museum of Fine Arts that included an exhibition featuring traditional Argentine ponchos and other local artisanal products, and a malambo show, a traditional folklore dance with percussive footwork and drums.