Diversity, People, Sustainable Development: Pillars of the Argentine G20 presidency

The Argentine G20 presidency has unveiled its visual concept, which looks to represent different voices and spaces for dialogue. 

The Argentine government has unveiled the logo, typeface, and slogan to visually portray its G20 presidency at the official launch hosted by President Mauricio Macri, convening leading figures from all sectors of society at the CCK in Buenos Aires.

The logo represents, through its circular form and broad colour palette, the world’s diversity and the challenge of consensus building to confront global issues. The conceptual framework of the Argentine G20 presidency is based on three pillars: diversity, people, and sustainable development.

The official imagery seeks to visually represent the different sectors and voices of Argentina’s G20 presidency, which will include over 50 meetings throughout the country.

The G20 video also shows Argentina’s diversity and how it can act as a bridge between different visions. Just as the G20 is an opportunity for Argentina to show itself to the world, it will also enrichen the country as it learns from global experiences to promote development.