G20 agriculture ministers to meet this week to promote sustainable food production

The meeting will begin on Friday 27 July at the San Martín Palace, in Buenos Aires. Comprehensive and responsible soil management, food waste reduction and the role of technology in agriculture are the main items on the agenda.

G20 agriculture ministers will convene in Buenos Aires on 27-28 July for the G20 Meeting of Agriculture Ministers. They will draw up a roadmap towards achieving a sustainable food future, one of the three priorities of the Argentine G20 presidency.

Taking place directly after the Meeting of Agriculture Deputies at the San Martín Palace, the ceremonial seat of Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Worship, the gathering will bring together agriculture ministers and representatives from international organizations.

With the goal of sustainably meeting the growing demand for food, participants will seek a common path to boost the impact of their current policies. G20 countries account for 60% of the world’s agricultural land and almost 80% of trade in foodstuffs and agricultural products.  

The agenda, led by Luis Miguel Etchevere, Argentina’s Minister of Agribusiness, includes discussions on comprehensive and responsible soil management. Every year, around 10 million hectares of cropland are lost, inflicting irreparable damage, particularly for developing countries.

Ministers will also discuss food loss and waste. Finding a solution to the issue would be a triple win from a food sustainability perspective: lower expenditure, more people being fed and less dependency on the weather and natural resources.  Finally, ministers will address the role played by technology in agriculture.

The ministers’ agenda in Buenos Aires includes also a tour to the 132nd Rural Expo, one of the most traditional and iconic annual trade fairs in Argentina, where they will learn about the latest breakthroughs in cattle genetics, agriculture and technology. Additionally, on Saturday morning, senior officials will attend the inauguration of the cattle demonstration.

On Saturday at 2.30 pm, once the ministerial meeting has finished, the G20 troika – which is made up of the country currently holding the G20 presidency, the country that held the presidency last year and the country holding the presidency next year – will give a press conference to brief on the meeting’s highlights. Ministers will also issue an official communiqué.