The G20 to discuss the future of work in Mendoza

The Joint Meeting of Education and Employment Ministers will be the main event of a busy agenda that includes meetings between ministers and at working group level, as well as sherpa meetings. Two G20 engagement groups will be hosting events also.

This week, the city of Mendoza, in the west of Argentina, will host an eventful agenda of meetings that will address the future of work, one of the priorities of the Argentine G20 presidency in 2018.

Activities started today with meetings of the education and employment working groups to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities to develop a system of skills for life and work.

To create educational policies that prepare children, young people and adults for the future is one of the main goals of the Education Ministerial Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday at the InterContinental Mendoza Hotel. The following day, senior education and employment officials will take part in the G20 Joint Meeting of Education and Employment Ministers. A landmark event in the week’s agenda, the meeting is the first of its kind in the history of the G20 and will acknowledge the important links that exist between the two areas.

Consistent with the vision of Argentina’s G20 presidency, the goal is to guarantee that technological change does not lead to exclusion from the workplace, social disintegration or adverse reactions. Additionally, developing coordinated policies will help avoid wider gaps and inequality in the adoption of technologies among and within countries.

In this context, building and promoting closely related education and employment policies is necessary to unite both these spheres. This stronger relationship can result in more and improved access to work if policies to increase skill sets based on the demands of businesses themselves are deployed in different sectors.

On Thursday afternoon – once the joint meeting is over – and on Friday, the G20 Employment Ministerial Meeting will take place. Together with representatives from international organizations, participants will work on a declaration that will address the skill sets required for the future, and the promotion of legal employment and decent work given the emergence of new types of jobs and with a view to bridging the gender gap.

Finally, on Saturday and Sunday, the G20 sherpas –  representatives of the leaders of G20 member and guest countries – will meet for a third time under the Argentine G20 presidency, after prior meetings in Bariloche and Usuahia.

L20 and B20 events

The agenda also includes meetings chaired by two of the G20 engagement groups. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Labour 20 (L20), the G20 engagement group that represents labour unions, will hold its summit to discuss a fair transition towards the digital economy, access to qualifications, and social security, among other topics. On Wednesday, the Business 20 (B20) will organize the Global Employers’ Forum, with special emphasis on the future of work, the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the impact of employment mobility on businesses, and inclusion and diversity in the labour market.