The G20 Health Ministerial Meeting has kicked off in Mar del Plata

Over 30 heads of delegation are taking part in the meeting.

Attended by over 30 heads of delegation, the G20 Health Ministerial Meeting has begun in the coastal city of Mar del Plata.

“It has been a very intense journey since our teams first met in Buenos Aires last March,” Argentine Secretary of Health, Adolfo Rubinstein, said at the meeting’s opening. “I hope we will have a very productive workday and that we can continue working together to strengthen our health systems,” he added.

The agenda includes discussions on antimicrobial resistance, malnutrition with a focus on childhood obesity and overweight, strengthening of health systems and their responsiveness to crises and pandemics.

At 12.30 pm local time, the G20 troika representatives will give a press conference, streamed live on theG20 YouTube channel. Secretary Rubinstein, together with Thomas Gebhart, German Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Health, and Chieko Ikeda, Japanese Senior Assistant Minister for Global Health, will brief on the meeting’s highlights.