L20 officially kicks off its 2018 agenda

Labour 20, the civil society group which convenes labour unions from G20 nations, launched its official agenda.

Representing the interests of workers throughout the world before the G20, Labour 20 officially began its activity today with an event in Buenos Aires attended by Argentine union leaders and government officials. They convened at the headquarters of the L20 2018 chair, the Argentine Labour Union for Construction (UOCRA).

The launch event began with remarks by Gerardo Martínez, Secretary General of UOCRA, and Pedro Villagra Delgado, Argentine G20 Sherpa.

"The L20 agenda will seek to globally recognize the rights of workers throughout the world and social justice,” said Gerardo Martínez. His words were followed by the L20 institutional video, which officially presented the group and its work over the last few years, as well as its plans for 2018.

Argentine Sherpa Pedro Villagra Delgado was next to speak. “It’s important that what we do at the G20 has an effect on people of all countries,” he said. “The Argentine G20 presidency is a matter that has an impact on all of Argentina. We all need to do our part.” The sherpa also emphasized the role of the engagement group. “The L20 has a special place in the G20 agenda given its strong relevance to G20 issues,” he explained.

Esteban Eseverri, a representative of the Argentine Ministry of Labour who will lead the G20 employment working group, presented the themes that will be addressed throughout the year, emphasizing the challenges of the future. “Many professions are undergoing change and we need to ensure that the change is fair and sustainable over time,” he said. "Argentina should be proud of its unions. This country is what it is today thanks to its workers," he added.