Marcos Peña: “G20 is a vehicle for us all to work together to find solutions”

The Argentine Cabinet Chief met with T20 think tank experts from around the world and announced that President Mauricio Macri will attend the T20 Summit in September.

The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, Marcos Peña, participated in a public policy dialogue with academics and experts of the T20, the G20 engagement group that brings together think tanks from around the world.

“The G20 is a vehicle for us all to work together to find solutions,” Peña declared. Highlighting the T20’s role, he announced that Argentine President Mauricio Macri will attend the T20 summit this September.

For the Argentine G20 presidency, “the work that think tanks are doing is essential for us to understand solutions to problems that other countries have,” explained Peña in this second day of the seminar “Vision & Strategies for 2018”. After his opening address, he held a dialogue and took questions with Julia Pomares, Executive Director of CIPPEC, and several of the representatives of the 150 think tanks from 45 countries in attendance.

Peña invited experts to explain their ideas to people in Argentina, the region, and the world. “It is a challenge and an opportunity to involve the population in the G20. That’s why we will take it to every corner of the country and that’s why we will try to explain what it is about to everyone,” he said.

“One of the Argentine contributions to this G20 should be to incorporate diversity. Not only to face problems, but also to incorporate it into perspectives and solutions,” he added.

“We don’t want this G20 to feel the same as other G20s”, said Peña, but to bring to it a South American perspective, and show “that we are a young, enthusiastic, and opportunity-hungry people who want to show what we can give”, but also people who have also suffered and who have different perspectives.

As the dialogue concluded, Peña reiterated the value of the T20. “We really believe in the value of ideas, in the value of bringing those debates to the table and trying to see more clearly.”

The engagement group seminar continues today with panels on what the G20 can achieve in 2018, with the participation of Alfonso Vegara, architect, economist, and sociologist who specializes in urban design and innovation.


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About the engagement groups

The T20 is one of the seven independent engagement groups comprised of civil society organizations from the G20 member countries. The engagement groups convene in tandem with the G20 and ensure that the position of civil society on important issues is taken on board by the G20 leaders.

About the G20

The G20 started out in 1999 as a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors. In 2008, amidst the global financial crisis, it evolved into what it is today: a major forum that seeks to develop global policies to address today’s most pressing issues. The G20 summits are attended by the heads of state and government of 19 of the world’s leading economies and the EU. Together, the G20 members represent 85% of global GDP, two-thirds of the world’s population and 75% of international trade.