T20 presents its recommendations to President Mauricio Macri

The engagement group representing the academic community is holding its summit in Buenos Aires. Argentine President Mauricio Macri attended the opening session at the CCK.

The Summit of the Think 20 (T20), the G20 engagement group representing the academic community, started in Buenos Aires this morning. Argentine President Mauricio Macri attended the opening and was presented with the group’s policy recommendations. “It is time to prove that international cooperation may help us build a better future.”

“The role played by engagement groups is vital. You are the ones that provide us with a new perspective about the dialogue process we are carrying out together with the civil society, and not turning our back on them. Global solutions demand commitment and actions not only from government, but also from other sectors in society,” Macri said at the CCK, the location of the two-day event. “I know for certain that your document will be a great contribution for the work that lies ahead,” the Argentine President added.

The T20 communiqué is the product of the work of experts from over 150 think tanks, representatives from the private sector and international organizations from over 60 countries. It contains evidence-based policy recommendations to address global challenges such as climate change, food security, multilateral trade and global inequality, among others.

“Global problems demand cooperative responses and institutions that can generate stable commitments. In the current context, which entails multiple challenges, but lacks the sense of urgency that would bring stakeholders together and facilitate cooperation, multilateral institutions are having a hard time reaching global solutions,” the document reads.

“The G20 is the ideal forum for starting dialogues to seek basic consensus around a form of multilateralism that would allow countries to take on a shared agenda with a focus on trade, climate change, inequality, and technological change,” the communiqué adds.

Among other policy recommendations, T20 representatives seek to ensure that the menu of policy options for the future of work is flexible enough to address the heterogeneity of challenges that G20 countries face; address food security concerns through special arrangements between systemically relevant countries; promote a trade system with mechanisms to compensate losers from trade; and improve global governance through a bottom-up approach.

Main speakers

Internationally renowned speakers will speak at the T20 Summit. The list includes Jeffrey Sachs, Director at Columbia University Centre for Sustainable Development; Nicholas Burbules, expert on educational policies and professor at University of Illinois; Nora Lustig, economist and professor at Tulane University; and Vera Songwe, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

Experts will also look into the priorities defined by the Argentine G20 presidency and other key G20-related issues in six plenary sessions: climate action and infrastructure for development; food security and sustainable agriculture; the future of work and education for the digital age; gender economic equity; social cohesion, global governance and the future of politics; international economy and finance.

There will also be parallel events organized by the organizations presiding over the T20 or other actors actively involved in the engagement group. The T20 troika representatives will make closing remarks, with a focus on the future of the engagement group after Japan takes over the G20 presidency in 2019.

Welcome event

Last night, T20 officials attended a welcome event at the house of the Buenos Aires City Government, in Parque Patricios. Fernando Straface, Foreign Affairs Secretary General of the Buenos Aires City Government; Jorge Faurie, Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship; Jorge Mandelbaum, President of CIPPEC; and Adalberto Rodríguez Giavarini, President of CARI, hosted the event.

About the T20

The T20 convenes think thanks and leading experts from around the world to provide valuable analysis to the G20 and contribute to the achievement of concrete and sustainable policies.

Under the Argentine G20 presidency, the T20 is chaired by the Centre for the Implementation of Public Policy Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC), and the Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI).