Technology, the international tax system and financial inclusion: items on the agenda for day two of the G20 meeting

The meeting of world finance and economic leaders ends this afternoon. A communiqué will be issued, and a press conference will take place at 4.30 pm local time. Argentina’s President, Mauricio Macri, is attending the meeting’s closing session

The final day of the Third G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Buenos Aires has a comprehensive agenda focusing on the global economic climate.

The meeting at the Buenos Aires Exhibition & Convention Centre (CEC) began this morning 9.15 am with a session on technology in the financial sector that will place special emphasis on big data applications, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as other innovations.

Afterwards, the upwards of 55 senior delegates – including ministers, central bank governors and senior representatives from international organizations – will discuss ways to ensure a fair and modern international tax system which can provide for new digital scenarios.

The agenda also includes a session on the resilience of the global financial system. Recent events in global markets, including the faster than expected tightening of financial conditions, has reinforced the need to continuously monitor cross-border capital flows.

In the afternoon, participants will address financial sustainability and inclusion, so as to determine how to maximize the benefits of technology and incorporate those sectors of society that operate in the informal economy.

At 3.15 pm, minutes before the end of the meeting, Argentina’s President, Mauricio Macri, will join the ministers in the plenary session and make a few closing remarks. Later, at 4.30 pm, Nicolás Dujovne, Argentina’s Minister of the Treasury, and Luis Caputo, President of the Argentine Central Bank, will give a press conference which will be live streamed on the G20 YouTube channel.

Senior officials will also issue a communiqué, along with a set of documents on specific public policies.​


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