Y20 presents recommendations for the G20 leaders

At the close of the G20 engagement group’s summit in Córdoba, Argentina, participants called for global youth empowerment and presented an international bank of scalable and replicable projects.

After a week of activities, the Youth 20 (Y20) Summit ended this afternoon in the city of Córdoba, in central Argentina, with a call for global youth empowerment. The Y20 is the G20 engagement group that brings together young leaders from G20 member countries.

Held at the Universidad Siglo XXI, the summit closed with the 46 official delegates presenting a set of public policy recommendations for consideration by heads of State at the G20 Leaders’ Summit on 30 November and 1 December in Buenos Aires. Delegates also announced the Social Innovation Warehouse (SIW), an international bank of scalable and replicable projects designed by young people as input for governments and organizations seeking to innovate their public policies for young people.

“Young people have been debating this week in Córdoba to give a message of unity, to show that we are one generation working together to defend the world that we believe in,” said Agustín Batto Carol, social entrepreneur, founder of EIDOS and Y20 chair, during the ceremony. Present also were Esteban Eseverri, secretary of Administrative Coordination at Argentina’s Ministry of Labour and leader of the G20 Employment Working Group, and Pedro Robledo, executive director of Argentina’s National Institute of Youth.

“Young people are not the future, they are the present and they are changing the world right now; that has been demonstrated in the projects that we are presenting today as part of the SIW. We hope that our Heads of State join us in our vision of a global world with peace and sustainable development,” Batto Carol added.

“You are not only the future of the world; you are also the present of the world,” said Marcos Peña, Argentina’s Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, in a recorded video message. “ We need an innovative, committed vision of the problems of the world and its challenges, so we can together think up the solutions and things we can do for a better world for all,” he added.

The public policy document includes recommendations on the future of work, one of the priorities of the Argentine G20 presidency, as well as education and skills, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Under the slogan “Shaking the present, building the future”, the SIW is the other principle legacy of the Y20 Summit. In teams, delegates defined the first 20 projects that will be included in this platform. These projects include building a network of mentors to provide tutorials to support disadvantaged teenagers, proposals to foster women’s participation in decision-making, and a training programme for young people living in rural areas. All projects come from successful case studies in G20 countries that can be replicated in others.

In addition, the Argentine Y20 presidency, together with Japan and Saudi Arabia, will organize the first Y20 troika, to ensure that the work of the delegates and the organizing committee will be continued in the medium and long term.

Young world leaders

The 46 official delegates chosen by each of the G20 countries were joined by over 30 other young people, special guests who were selected based on their outstanding profiles and experience in the fields of social innovation.

About the Y20

Created in 2010 under the Canadian G20 presidency, the Youth 20, also known as Y20, brings together young leaders from all G20 member countries, with a view to helping them develop skills to identify the most pressing economic challenges and opportunities for young people across the world.

It is a forum for the cooperation of future generations and provides a platform for young people to share their voices and interests with the G20.

During the Argentine G20 presidency, the Y20 is chaired by Fundación EIDOS and AIESEC Argentina.